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How to Use Focus Pads in Your Taekwondo Training?

One aspect of training that most martial arts practitioners love is pad work. There is something satisfying and stimulating about delivering powerful kicks and strikes on equipment. When you are starting out your Taekwondo training, it is normal that you start learning how to kick correctly on a shield or a punching bag. However, as your Taekwondo training evolves, you will then begin using handheld focus pads. It allows for a wider range of movements, you can recreate opponents’ movements more realistically. In addition, moving around will also allow you to improve your stability and balance.

Holding The Focus Pads

A normal part of training is learning to punch. Jabs, hooks, and strong reverse punches are an important part of training and practice on focus pads.

Simply put, focus pads and handheld targets that you hold, either singly in one hand or as a pair on either hand are an essential training aid for Taekwondo practitioners, allowing the student to determine the correct striking distance, to build up speed and strength of his/her contact and to position himself/herself correctly.

The first time you hold the pads for a student, you want to make sure that you are in a comfortable position. Pay attention to your feet so that they can absorb the impact. Then, you should put on the focus pads and place them one behind the other. This will allow you to have better support. Then, you should slightly move the pads to the side so that you can have a better view of what is happening. You are now the pad holder. This means that you can now call different commands to prevent a lack of focus or concentration.

When you are the one holding the pads, you are in the best position to correct striking angles, timing, and distance as your partner shoots multiple punches or kicks at the target you are holding. One of the things that you should consider doing is to only offer the target for each command.

As soon as you feel comfortable with one pad supporting the other (the double-handed position), you should then try using the pads in a normal way. At this point, you should try holding the focus pads in a way that they can represent the human head and body. Let’s say that you are holding the pads for a left jab and right cross. In this case, you should hold the pad for the jab closer and the right cross a bit further away.

Most Important Aspects to Keep in Mind

  • You should always hold both focus pads in a way that you have a good sight of the person who is punching.
  • You need to call the commands clearly.
  • You should first practice in a stationary position and only then evolve to mobile targets.
  • As soon as the pads are punched, you should immediately remove them.

Pacific Sports martial arts supplies in Brisbane has a range of essential striking equipment that does its job well. When buying focus pads and shields think about who will be striking them – is it for a beginner, an experienced practitioner, maybe it’s for a class of children. These points make a difference in the density of the shield or focus pads. It’s no good using soft equipment for an experienced practitioner or high-density equipment for kids. If you need advice the staff at Pacific Sports will be happy to help.

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