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Martial Arts Cotton Uniform Vs Karate Polyester Cotton Mix Uniform

4 Benefits of wearing cotton uniforms over polyester/cotton mix uniforms

For most people, deciding the best fabric for their karate uniform can be confusing There are several types of fabric and several weights within each type – for anyone new to martial art training, when you may not want to spend too much until you know you’re going to stick with it, it’s easy to make the wrong choice.

Making the right choice of fabric for your karate uniform is important as it will affect your comfort, performance, and even your attitude when you are training. Karate is an energetic activity, so it’s essential to wear a uniform you can put on and forget about.

The most commonly used fabric for beginner’s uniforms is polyester and cotton. It’s very durable, easy to look after, and cost-effective. However, it doesn’t suit everyone. In this article, we’ll look into the benefits of cotton over other uniform materials in Karate.

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1. Comfortability

Martial arts cotton uniforms versus poly cotton mixIn Karate, like any other sport, your comfort plays a big role in your performance. Therefore, an irritating or less than comfortable uniform should be avoided if possible.

Cotton is the perfect material for your uniforms. The material is soft, gentle on the skin, and non-clingy. What’s more, the more you wash a cotton karate uniform, the softer it gets.

As such, it’s fantastic to wear and gives you the comfort needed for your karate training.
Furthermore, the softness of cotton uniforms allows you to wear them for long hours on a hot day without feeling any discomfort.

2. Breathability

If you’ve ever had a karate session on a hot summer day, then you know the value of a proper karate uniform. Warm temperatures mean that you’ll sweat a lot on such a day, thus causing irritations.

  • Trust me, you don’t want to be sweaty during Karate practice, or worse, a karate match.
  • The best karate uniform, therefore, is one that efficiently tackles this problem.
  • Cotton is a material known for its breathing abilities, meaning that it keeps the wearer cool and dry. It accomplishes this by driving heat away from the body.
  • As such, it’s a more suitable karate uniform material compared to polyester and other cotton mix uniforms.

3. Hypoallergenic

Another great reason to get a cotton karate uniform is its effect on the skin. If you’re a person with sensitive skin, then this is the best karate uniform for you.

It’s made from natural fiber, with no coatings of any chemicals or toxic substances. Consequently, it doesn’t have any reaction to the skin. In fact, most dermatologists recommend this material for those affected by skin allergies.

Cotton uniforms, therefore, ensure that you are comfortable and ready to train hard during your karate classes.

4. Versatility

Of all the uniform materials, cotton offers the most flexibility. This probably explains why it’s the most widely used material in the world.

The material accepts different colors and dyes, meaning that you can change the colors of your uniform to suit your design.

It’s also usable in almost every season, providing insulation during cold days, and cooling on the hot ones. What more could you be looking for?


Besides the above benefits, a cotton karate uniform is also quite durable and doesn’t tear during washing. Another benefit of cotton is that it washes up bright white and fresh every time and without any inherent odor. This is not always the case with polyester/cotton uniforms, the bright white fades with age.

Compared to other karate uniform materials, cotton is the most desirable. Nonetheless, you need to ensure quality in all the karate products you buy.

That’s why you need to get this uniform, and all other martial arts supplies from Brisbane, at Pacific sports. You won’t be disappointed!

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