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Black Karate Pants

You might think that black karate pants are much less commonplace than the usual white pants for martial art training. After all when we think of karate, most people will picture a white uniform, the only colour being on the belt, to denote the wearer’s skill level.

Although it’s true that white karate pants are still the most common and easiest colour to purchase, black karate pants are gaining in popularity. They can be used in many ways, worn with a matching jacket as a complete traditional style uniform, worn with a white jacket as a ‘salt and pepper style uniform, or with a T-shirt as a more casual training uniform or for home practise.

Check before you buy

Before you race out to buy a pair of black karate pants, it is highly recommended that you check with your instructor before turning up to training in them. Some martial art schools are flexible about what their students wear while others are not, they only allow their regulation colour and style.

As with any the purchase of any item of clothing, and especially for any kind of training wear, you will want to ensure that the size you have selected is correct for purpose. When purchasing your black karate pants it is always a good idea to have accurate measurements of your leg length and waist. This can then be used to select a size using a size guide. A good fitting karate pant will ensure that you have plenty of space to move freely without any restrictions. This is a vital element as without this, your performance in karate will suffer.

Another consideration to bear in mind when purchasing black karate pants is the type of material that you prefer. Regular lightweight fabric is usually 8oz and a mix of polyester and cotton. These are hardwearing and easy to care for. Some people prefer 100% cotton. It allows for good breathability so is more comfortable for the wearer. On the downside these are more expensive, though personally I think well worth the expense. If you want a heavier weight of black karate pants they are available in 12oz cotton canvas. Although the fabric is heavier these are very comfortable as the fabric does not lie on the skin so the wearer remains cooler and more comfortable.

The Benefits of Purchasing Black Karate Pants

Black karate pants are beneficial for many reasons. They can be extremely versatile when starting out in martial arts. You may be an individual that has yet to find the art form that it true to their nature in the martial arts world. By purchasing black karate pants, you will have the ability to try different applications of martial arts without hurting your pocket as black pants can be used across many different art forms. This makes them an extremely versatile option.

Another benefit of black karate pants is that they can last a lot longer than the conventional white karate pants. White karate pants will show stains more clearly due to the nature of the colour. This means that you will end up washing your uniform more frequently. You may even end up bleaching your uniform to maintain the whiteness of the material. This can easily mean a break down in the fabric especially with an option like cotton fabric.

If you would like to discuss whether black karate pants will be beneficial for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Pacific Sports.

We will ensure that all your queries are met. If you decide to purchase black karate pants, you will look the part and be fully functional.

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