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How to Choose a Taekwondo Kick Shield?

If you are looking to build your training equipment, one thing you will need is a taekwondo kick shield. Brisbane is home to a thriving martial arts community and there are several sports stores where you can buy them.

Of course, there’s always the option of buying your taekwondo kick shield online and there is a much bigger choice.

But what should you be looking for? To help, here’s our quick guide.

What is a Taekwondo Kick Shield?

A kick shield is used to carry out kicking drills and is important for a range of martial arts including taekwondo. They are normally a square or rectangular, cushioned pad that has a handle and an armguard on the back.

Kick shields need to be held by someone so that you can practice your kicking technique to different parts of the body with a moving target.

Levels of Taekwondo Kick Shield

There are slightly different types of kick shields and your choice will depend on experience, your strength and weight, and what drills you are going to use it for.

A lightweight, kick shield is ideal for beginners as well as kids who have just taken up taekwondo. They are also suitable for home training or if you are on a budget. They tend to be smaller than professional shields and have lower density padding.

As you get into the higher quality taekwondo kick shields, you’ll find they get bigger and heavier. These shields are normally rated and will state that they have been tested for professional use. They will also say what weight person they are suitable for. These are made with high-density foam which makes a big difference when you kick through the pad.

The more professional taekwondo kick shields come with extra handles so the pad can be moved around for different exercises. These also have an extra layer of protection which is particularly important for heavier and harder-hitting taekwondo practitioners.

You can also get shields that have different ‘hit’ marks painted onto the surface, something which can help improve your accuracy and focus. These are slightly different and often shaped like the torso of a person and come with adjustable straps.

Kick Shield vs Focus Pads

A kick shield is a large pad that can be used to practice general kicking. Focus pads are padded gloves, worn on the hands. These can be used to focus on kicking and sparring in different positions, improving agility and skill.

Invest in Quality

First of all, never choose a taekwondo kick shield that has a zip on the outside, something cheaper products often have. That’s because you don’t want anything that you might cut your feet or legs on. Most quality shields will have strapping rather than a zip.

Foam density is also important. If you have something that is fairly light and medium density it is suitable for general work and practice but not suitable for heavy kicks. Density, of course, adds to the weight, something which can make some kick shields difficult to hold if you are not particularly fit or experienced.

If you can kick hard or are professional, it’s important to take your partner into account at all times. You can still hurt someone if the padding isn’t as protective so make sure you choose the best quality you can. Choosing a product that has an extra protective layer is essential if you don’t want to cause an injury.

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