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Martial Arts Uniform Sizes Guide

When you are looking for your first martial art uniform you need to understand how the sizing of martial arts uniforms works. You need to know you’re buying a uniform that gives you the room to move comfortably in your style of martial art, so you can carry out every stretch, kick or jump that you need to without feeling restricted – or hearing that dreaded ripping sound! At the same time, you also want to know if the uniform is going to shrink and if so by how much.

Choosing The Right Martial Arts Uniform Size For You

Martial art uniforms are sized according to height. For example, size 4/170 usually fits a person approximately 168cms to 177cms in height, and of average height to weight build, size 5/180 would fit height 178cms to 187cms.

Unfortunately, martial arts uniforms do not come in width fittings. So, when choosing your size you should be aware of your height and weight and choose a size to fit your largest measurement. This means that if you are tall and very slim for your height, you should choose a size to fit your height, so your uniform will be overly large on your slim frame, but it will be long enough in the arms and legs. Now you can choose whether to have it altered or simply use your belt to hold it together.

Alternatively, if you have a thickset build you will want a uniform that will fit your width comfortably, not pull across your chest or thighs. This means that you will need a larger size than expected for your height. The jacket will long in the body and the sleeves, and the pants will be too long in the legs. These things are easily fixed. Just take your martial arts uniform to any clothing alterations place and they will fix it. Try to avoid squeezing into a too-small uniform, you won’t feel comfortable or enjoy your training.

The Right Martial Arts Uniform Size For Kids

Kids have a habit of growing so if your child is in between two sizes, choose the larger of the two. But don’t deliberately buy a uniform that is far too big. An overlarge uniform is as distracting for a kid as a too-small martial art uniform. The aim is for your kid to be focused on the activity and get all the benefits available to him, not to be adjusting his uniform throughout the class.

Also, don’t spend too much. Take into consideration the price of the martial arts uniform. The reality is that kids keep changing their minds. And while they may love their karate or other martial art class right now, you just don’t know how he will feel about it in a couple of months. So, if your kid is just starting out, you should make sure that you pick an affordable martial art uniform for him.

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