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Taekwondo Uniforms

Are you in need of Taekwondo uniforms? Maybe your current uniform does not fit you anymore, or maybe you are just getting started with Taekwondo. Pacific Sports is here to save the day. An online martial arts shop located in Brisbane, we have a wide range of martial arts uniforms, including kids Taekwondo uniforms and equipment for everyone. From Taekwondo, karate and kickboxing to MMA and gym, we aim to provide good quality products. Our prices are affordable and our products are made to last.

Taekwondo Uniforms

Not all Taekwondo uniforms are the same. They may look the same but the fabric, fit and manufacturing process can impact on the wearer’s training performance. If you feel uncomfortable in your uniform you will not be able to fully focus on your training.

Pacific Sports uniforms are available in a range of sizes from 000/110 to fit kids from 4-5 years, to size 6/190 to fit XL adults. While polyester and cotton mix is the most economically priced, you can’t beat cotton for comfort so 100% cotton is also available. All our kids Taekwondo uniforms are made to a professional cut that allows for a full range of movement and manufactured to a high standard to ensure durability and long-time service.

Apart from uniforms we also stock taekwondo shoes made in good quality leather, super comfortable and hard-wearing.

Kickboxing Shorts & Pants

Kickboxing is an amazing sport that uses huge amounts of energy and physical effort, so you want to feel at ease about what you’re wearing. You want good-looking comfortable shorts that fit securely without restricting your movements. At Pacific Sports Australia, we have kickboxing shorts and pants, and Muay Thai shorts in eye-catching designs made to a professional cut that will not disappoint.

Make sure your kickboxing shorts work for all aspects of trainingDesigns include under-stated one-colour shorts through to strikingly showy shorts with red white and blue stripe design, resembling the American flag. Then there is the pair with the black satin Thai design. Both of these are available in all sizes. The popular No fear Thai design, colored black is available in all sizes. Also, the red shorts with black trim and yellow stars and the polyester silk shorts in blue and red are available in medium and large sizes. Finally, we have stylish black full-length pants with a double red stripe in sizes medium, large and extra-large.

If you’re looking for cross-fit shorts that will stand up to tough training we can help. These are in stock now in sizes small, medium, and large.

MMA collection

If you are training in MMA, you will need to have appropriate gear for training. First, we have perfect workout shorts, available in all sizes. Also, in stock, is the 4-way stretch made of polyester also available in all sizes. Available in all sizes too is the lightweight micro fabric also 100 percent polyester.

From there we have rash guards, beginning with the short-sleeved rash guard available in all sizes. Then we have the short-sleeved rash guard for MMA, BJJ available in all sizes. All these are available in affordable sizes and attractive designs to ensure you have a comfortable workout.

If you’re interested in online ordering of any type, color, and size of Taekwondo Uniform, Kickboxing Shorts, Kick Boxing Pants, or MMA Collection please have a look at our available inventories.

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