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The Weights Of Canvas Karate Uniforms

In these days of buying online, it’s impossible to feel the weight of the fabric before buying your uniform. That’s why it’s a good idea to understand what is meant by lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight and 10oz, 12oz, etc. The ounce (oz) weight describes the thickness of the fabric, so the higher the number, the thicker the fabric.

If you see a canvas karate uniform described as 14oz, it does not mean that the entire uniform weighs 14oz. The weight refers to the fabric used to manufacture that uniform. When manufacturers calculate fabric weight, they take a standard-sized piece of the material (usually a square yard) and weigh that on a scale, (oz/yd²). A square yard of the fabric from a 14oz canvas karate uniform weighs 14 ounces, so the uniform is described as a 14oz canvas karate uniform.

Occasionally you may find a uniform feels a little thinner than you expected it to be for its labeled weight. For example, you buy a 16oz canvas karate uniform and it feels a little thicker than the 14oz you’re used to, though not quite what you expected. It doesn’t mean that you’ve been ripped off! A few manufacturers measure their fabric by the linear yard. This is a piece of the fabric that’s a yard long but can vary in width. Often the fabric is wider than a yard, which is 36 inches.

In those cases, the fabric weight is measured in ounces per linear yard, (oz/yd). A fabric that’s 14oz per linear yard usually feels lighter and less dense than a fabric that’s 14oz per square yard.

Confused? Don’t worry, just know that nearly all canvas karate uniforms are manufactured using the square yard measurement now. If a canvas karate uniform is manufactured using the linear measurement you’d expect that to be in the description. But if you’re still concerned just ask the seller.

Here are the most common weights of canvas karate uniforms that you will find:


The 10oz canvas karate uniform is a lightweight canvas and excellent for hot climates and anyone that prefers a lighter feel canvas uniform. They offer the right to feel and look great without being bulky or weighty.


The 12oz canvas karate uniform is a light-medium weight and a good option for anyone and recommended if this is the first time you’ve worn a canvas gi. You’ll love the look of the gi and the sharp snap sound when you punch and kick. While your techniques are just the same as when wearing your old lightweight uniform, this canvas gi adds to the smartness of your look when training.


14oz canvas karate uniforms are mediumweight. You’ll feel the weight and density of the fabric when you first wear it. These are perfect for instructors and experienced students that want a long-lasting durable uniform – and to look great for tournaments or grading.


This is a heavyweight canvas karate uniform and most often the choice of experienced practitioners and instructors. I’ll probably get a lot of emails telling me how wrong I am now, but the heavyweight and fabric density makes it more suited to larger framed people. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to a 160cms 50kg practitioner. If you’re into a style of martial arts that involves lots of jumping and vigorous sparring you may find the weight a little restricting at first. But if you’re looking for a uniform you’ll have for years, this is it, very durable and hard-wearing.

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