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Three Reasons to Wear Shin Pads for Martial Arts

  1. Standard Equipment

Shin pads and shin guards are the same, both terms are used throughout this article.

If you are new to martial art training you might wonder why some people in your class wear shin pads for martial arts and some don’t.

3 Reasons to Wear Shin Pads for Martial Arts are:

-Your shins are not conditioned yet so you may feel pain more in these early days than down the track, when you have more experience
-Shins are strong but vulnerable too and deep bruising takes awhile to heal restricting your training.
-Shin pads boost your confidence levels, let you try new techniques without fear of injury.

Shin guards are not standard in all schools and styles of martial art training. So, check with your instructor before you buy. If they are part of the standard equipment talk to the more experienced students and they will probably tell you the best types and fit from their experience.

During contact sparring, your opponent may well be throwing kicks and blocks as if you were wearing shin protection, which if you are not can be a painful and unpleasant experience. There will be plenty of aches, pains, and bruises along the way but certainly, less if you’re wearing shin guards.

  1. Know when to use them

Conditioning your shins is all part of the recreational training process and if you want to toughen your shins then there will be certain situations where you may not need to use shin guards, such as heavy bag or pad work.

If you’re new to martial arts don’t go in without the (permitted) proper protection as you are likely to injure yourself before you even get started. A set of shin guards may just be the best piece of equipment you can have in your training bag.

Understand that if you haven’t worn shin pads before they are not immediately comfortable but you will get used to them quickly. It’s a good idea to start off with a light flexible pair that don’t restrict your training, before moving on to a pair that take heavier contact if you need them.

  1. Various Types of Shin Guards

Shin protection is available in many different types and thicknesses, from the basic pull-on variety to expensive all leather styles. As you’d expect prices vary from around $20 for the basic type to $100+ for the expensive brand name designs. Some provide protection only for the shin while others cover the shin and instep. All will provide protection to a lesser or greater extent depending on the padding.

When buying your first pair consider they suit the amount of contact you’re expecting to encounter during training. Is it full-contact, semi-contact or just occasional light contact? Next, make sure they fit securely and feel comfortable. You don’t want to be stopping to tighten your shin guards in the middle of a training session! Look for lightweight shin pads that let you move freely and offer enough protection for the type of training you’re doing.

  1. Injury prevention

First and foremost, your shin guards are there to prevent injury more than anything else. They might not look attractive, but they do serve a purpose. If you’re planning on using your legs and shins to block incoming kicks then you may need to build up your resilience – a pair of shin guards will help you no end.

Think about it, would you train without a mouthguard? You may want to take them off eventually as you might feel they slow you down but build up to it first. Keeping yourself injury-free is the most important part of any recreational martial arts.

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