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Wearing the Right Rash Guard for Jiu Jitsu Training

No matter how you approach Jiu-Jitsu training, having the right gear can help you feel more comfortable and enjoy training even more. Many practitioners wear a rash guard in Brisbane when training for their competitive martial arts or just for fitness purposes. Rash guards consist of close-fitting, stretch T-shirts, with or without sleeves. Compression shirts are nearly the same thing, although not specifically made for martial arts training in most cases.

How do you decide whether you should wear a rash guard shirt or not? If you decide to, how do you find one that fits perfectly for your body size and shape?

Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard – The Right Choice

The general purpose of a rash guard is to wick away sweat from your body directly. This improves comfort, reduces irritation, and prevents chafing and rashes, as the name implies. Some rash guards double as compression shirts, so you get some support for your muscles, too. However, not all standard compression wear provides the same full-contact fit as a quality rash guard should.

These are the uniform of choice in no-gi Jiu Jitsu, in which the traditional kimono and pants gi outfit is not worn. When training, they may reduce the chance of your opponent using your clothing as leverage. Also, it reduces sweat and potential bacteria transfer of skin-to-skin contact.

How to Find the Best Rash Guard for You

Before purchasing a rash guard in Brisbane, make sure to understand that they are made for a variety of purposes. There are ones for training Jiu Jitsu and other physical pursuits, ones specifically made for cycling, others for surfing, and ones that seem focused on you looking cool or powerful in the gym. They come in a variety of fabrics including lycra, polyester, nylon, spandex, and neoprene like wetsuits.

Sizing and Fit

The best rash guard shirt for you should fit snugly against your body at all points. It should not bind or constrict your movement in any way. The collar, cuffs, or hem at the waist must not gape, rub, or roll up if you want the best protection and comfort. Being made in the stretchy fabric means it will stretch over time, so if it feels a little constricting at first, understand it will loosen up.

While unisex shirts exist, buying one specifically tailored to your overall body shape will work better. Be aware of where the seams exist and if they will cause any uncomfortable rubbing. All seams on a quality rash guard should lie as flat as possible.

Beginners’ Tips

If you are just getting started with Jiu-Jitsu training, focus on getting your best fit over what is fashionable. Try out long and short sleeve options and stay honest about how you feel when wearing them. Most martial arts items are purchased online so make sure you can return the rash guard if you are not happy with it. Remember that the best Jiu Jitsu rashguard has to offer is only as good as it helps you feel and perform your best.

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