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What Are The Best Kickboxing Shorts?

When it comes to deciding what are the best kickboxing shorts, be aware that having the proper gear is essential. Kick boxing requires shorts that are durable, flexible, and functional. But with such a large selection of shorts and brands on the market, how can you tell what are the best shorts for kickboxing? It can be a bit troublesome to find the best pair. Do not worry. Rather than assume a well-known brand name pair of shorts are going to be a great fit on your body, here are the points to consider before you purchase the best shorts for kickboxing.

How do the best kickboxing shorts fit?

The main consideration for your shorts should be how they fit. A pair of good shorts will have a drawstring to allow you to secure them in place. However, if this is all that there is to offer, it is not the best pair of shorts for kickboxing. Shorts that have an elastic band, as well as a drawstring, are preferred. Pay close attention to the width of the waistband as well as to how snug the fit is before tightening the drawstring. Shorts should rest comfortably on the hips and only need a slight amount of adjustment.

If the shorts move or sag on the hips, they are the wrong size. Even if you find the proper size, if the shorts move up and down when performing test kicks, they are not the right brand for you.

How do they breathe?

Breathability is a bit difficult to gauge when you are purchasing a pair of kickboxing shorts. Shorts should be open enough, if loose-fitting, to reduce sweating and chafing while at the same time being small enough openings not to cause exposure issues. Closed or tight-fitting shorts should have side slits which would help with mobility as well as reduce sweating. The best kickboxing shorts will also have absorbent material to take the sweat off of the back and reduce water accumulation on the shorts during a match.

What material are the best kickboxing shorts made from?

While cotton, polyester and nylon are the common options for kickboxing shorts, the best and most popular choice is polyester satin. It is best to use polyester when possible as this has proven to be less irritating on the skin. There are some low-cost and high-quality brands, such as Pacific Sports, which offer various styles and designs while keeping in mind the breathability, mobility, and durability of their product.

If you prefer to wear cotton-made Kickboxing shorts get a size up as the shorts will shrink.


Apart from the durability and the craftsmanship of the Kickboxing shorts, the best Kickboxing brand will provide exceptional flexibility. Legs should never feel stressed or strained when wearing these shorts. Do a few test kicks when you try on the shorts. Does the leg offer full extension kicking without having the material press on the leg? Do the shorts cause tension on the posterior? How far does the material rise on the stationary leg? These are just a few questions which you should ask.

When performing test kicks, you should dig into your repertoire and perform at least one offensive, one defensive, and one high kick (if space allows).

Other things to consider

While wearing the top brand name in Kickboxing shorts may be something you desire, the cost may be too high to use for day-to-day training. Consider a low-cost and top-quality product such as Pacific Sports as an alternative to these higher-priced items. In addition to the cost, consider the aesthetics of your shorts. While some dojos may allow for shorts with branding and extreme color combinations to be used in practice, you may find that tournaments do not allow such flamboyancy. The best practice is to select a monochromatic or dual-color design.

The best kickboxing shorts for you

Remember when you are looking for the best kickboxing shorts, the best kickboxing shorts for you are those that fit well in every way. They fit comfortably for training and fit your budget. Try to avoid focusing on the brand, but rather on the functionality and overall design of the shorts. Double-check the sizing, material, and customer reviews to get a good understanding of the quality of the shorts.

Should you have any questions regarding your shorts, ask your training school or tournament overseer for regulations within their facility or during the match.

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