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Points to consider before buying a martial arts uniform

Martial arts are practiced worldwide, with many practiced both as a martial art and as an Olympic sport. Practitioners need to wear a uniform, which is known by different names in different martial arts. A Taekwondo uniform is known as a “dobok” and a Karate uniform is known as a “dogi”. However, generally a martial arts uniform is known simply as a “gi”. While buying any martial art uniform, the following points should be considered.

Points to consider

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Colour
  • Fit/ Size
  • Fabric
  • Stitching
  • Ease of washing
  • Price


The uniform must be fully functional for executing all the different stances, kicks, punches and blocks. It must allow for an unrestricted full range of motion and one must feel comfortable wearing the uniform. Additionally, the uniform must be as prescribed by the martial arts school, where one is practicing.


The uniform has a basic design of a jacket, pants, and a belt. Variations exist in this basic design.


The jacket is available in two major variations, namely a Kimono-styled jacket and a T-shirt styled jacket.

A Kimono styled jacket has two sides, which are overlapped. The sides usually have small inner strings for a secure fit. A logo may be screen-printed on the back, and a martial art school patch may also be stitched on the front. A variation of this design features the two sides being closed in the front like a shirt. The closure may be done by hidden buttons or Velcro. To denote black belt holders, black strips on shoulders and bottom lapels of the jacket may be placed.

A T-shirt styled jacket has a V-neck collar, with bottom having cuts on the front and the sides. A martial art school patch may be sewed in the front and a screen-printed logo on the back may also be present. The V-neck collar may be black to signify black belt holders.


Pants are available with an elasticated waist and an inner drawstring. The bottom is usually wide to allow free movement. Pants may have black strips on the sides to denote black belt holders.


A belt is a traditional element and is featured in Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu uniform designs. The colour of the belts denote the level of skill attained by the practitioner and belts are available in a range of colours.


A martial arts uniform is traditionally white in colour, but it is also available in black, blue, and red. Practitioners also wear different coloured jackets combined with different coloured pants; however, usually a white jacket is combined with a black pant.

Size & Fit

The usual sizes are Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, and Extra Small. Always refer the size chart, so that the most appropriate size is purchased. A uniform should fit comfortably. Some prefer a loose fit, while some go for a medium fit. A tight fitting uniform is generally not used since it restricts easy movement.


The fabric of the uniform is generally canvas, which is 100% cotton. Other fabrics used are different blends of cotton and polyester. The weight of the fabric is determined by its material and how it is weaved. The weight is measured in oz. Generally, 8oz or 10oz are suitable for beginners, while 12oz or 14oz are suitable for intermediate students. Advanced students usually prefer 16oz or 18 oz. Heavier weight fabrics provide a clear audible snap while performing different techniques. The fabric may be pre-shrunk or not pre-shrunk.


Stitching is important, especially at the pressure point areas, so that it does not tear. At Pacific Sports we sell uniforms with five or six or seven or more lines of stitching, which make the uniforms extremely tear-resistant and durable.

Ease of Washing

A uniform needs to be washed after a rigorous training session. Uniforms can be washed either by hand or by a washing machine. All uniforms sold at Pacific Sports provide easy washing.


Pacific Sports is co-owned by Grandmaster Trevor Dicks (Black Belt 9th Dan, Taekwon-Do) and Master Instructor Margaret Dicks (Black Belt 6th Dan, Taekwon-Do). When they started their martial arts journey back in 1972, they found that martial arts gear was expensive, making the sport inaccessible to those that didn’t have the financial resources to invest in the gear. Thus, Pacific Sports was created with the aim of providing martial arts gear that can be sold at realistic prices. At Pacific Sports, reduced prices are offered for several products on sale. Additionally, a flat 10% discount is also offered to anyone subscribing to the Pacific Sports monthly newsletter. All these make the price drop and customers have found the price to be very much realistic and affordable. While reducing the price, it is always observed that quality is never compromised, as all products undergo strict quality control checks.

Pacific Sports range of Taekwondo, Karate and Jiu Jitsu uniforms, as well as Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Martial Arts training/protective gear and Gym/Fitness apparel, are used across various martial arts schools and gyms around Australia for years.

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