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Using multipurpose pads for effective training

In martial arts training, a multipurpose pad is used to train arm and leg strikes, primarily to improve technique, power and accuracy of the strikes. It also has an added benefit of helping to condition the body part used. A multipurpose pad can be used in any martial art or combat sport.

Multipurpose Pads – Black & White

For a no-holds barred training, instead of sparring with a partner, one can practice with one or more multipurpose pads. A martial artist can use full power in the strikes and get almost the same benefit as sparring with a partner. Since full power strikes are targeted at a multipurpose pad, no training partner is hurt. Practicing with a multipurpose pad is totally safe, instructive and enjoyable at the same time.

Features & Benefits of a multipurpose pad

At Pacific Sports, a multipurpose pad is specifically designed with a high degree of safety to prevent any harm. It has several unique features offering numerous benefits that make it a bestseller.

  • Comfortable Shape. It has a rectangular shape, so it offers a wide striking surface area of 56cms x 40cms x 11cms. Hence, it is ideally suited for both beginners and experts alike.
  • High-Density Filling. It is filled with high density foam, so it can absorb a high degree of impact shock of any powerful strike. The holder of the multipurpose pad will in no way get hurt.
  • Premium Covering. This high density inner filling is covered with a premium high-quality tough PU cover, so it does not tear from impact.
  • Dense Stitching. The premium covering is densely stitched, so that it does not even tear from the edges.
  • Strong Handles. It has three strong handles, so that the holder can grip it firmly. The high-pressure withstanding handles are riveted for extra strength.
  • Light Weight. Although made of high-density foam and high-quality PU cover, it is light in weight and can be easily carried around.
  • Long Durability. It is extremely durable and can last a long time, withstanding continuous and rigorous practice.
  • Attractive Colours. It is available in various attractive colour combinations.
  • Affordable Price. It is priced reasonably, making it most affordable.
  • Perfect for training. It is a perfect training equipment for any gym or martial arts school.

Using the arm to hit a multipurpose pad

The arm can be used to strike the multipurpose pad in various ways. A multipurpose pad can be hit:

  • by the fingers to improve finger jabs
  • by the open hand to improve palm strikes, backhand strikes and knife-hand strikes
  • by the closed hand in different variations of a fist, to improve fist strikes
  • by the wrist in different ways to improve flexibility of the wrist
  • by the forearm, both inner and outer forearms, to practice blocks
  • by the elbow, in different angles to practice angular strikes
  • by the upper arm with the biceps and with the triceps, to improve strength in grappling moves
  • by the shoulders, to condition them for pushing and throwing moves

Using the leg to hit a multipurpose pad

Similar to the arm, the leg can also be used to practice various types of kicks. A multipurpose pad can be hit:

  • by the ball of the foot to practice a striking front kick
  • by the sole of the foot to practice a pushing front kick
  • by the foot-sword to practice piercing side kicks
  • by the heel to practice spinning kicks
  • by the instep to practice swinging kicks
  • by the ankle to strengthen the ankle
  • by the shin to practice blocks and deflections
  • by the knees to practice various kicks
  • by the thighs to practice blocks and deflections
Multipurpose Pads – Red

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