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Pacific Sports Focus Mitts

A focus mitt is a training equipment used in martial arts and other combat sports. It has a padding on the front and a glove on the back. The padding on the front serves as a target, while the glove on the back enables to hold the focus mitt securely.

Padding on the front of a Curved Focus Mitts
Gloves on the back of a Curved Focus Mitts

The concept of using focus mitts, in various forms, is seen since ancient times. Earlier, a training partner used to hold slippers or foot tongs or small pillows, which served as focus mitts, to absorb the shock from the strikes of a martial artist. Over time, several modifications took place and nowadays, focus mitts are made of high density foam covered by leather. A focus mitt is widely used throughout the world and is an essential training equipment in martial arts and other combat sports.

Benefits of a focus mitt

The primary benefit of a focus mitt is to improve the focus of the martial artist at hitting targets. This primary benefit leads to several other related benefits.

—improves the overall focus of a martial artist. A focus mitt is generally not held stationary as for improving strikes for stationary objects, a punching bag, or a kicking shield is normally used. A focus mitt is used by a training partner who is constantly in motion along with the martial artist, so that the overall focus of the martial artist is improved at hitting moving targets.

—improves sparring ability. For further improvement, the focus mitt is shifted at different heights and angles. This practice of focusing to hit randomly moving focus mitts improves the sparring ability of the martial artist.

—improves timing, speed, and accuracy. In order to accurately hit a moving focus mitt, the martial artist needs to correctly judge the distance, the required speed, and the perfect timing. This improves the timing, speed and accuracy of the techniques employed by the martial artist.

—improves footwork and defensive maneuvers. The training partner can also lightly hit the martial artist with the focus mitts. Due to this, the martial artist may have to employ footwork like weaving, slipping, or bobbing, and defensive maneuvers like blocking, deflecting, or avoiding.

—improves combination moves. The martial artist can practice pre-arranged combination moves by using different striking techniques to hit the focus mitts. A general combination is two different kicks followed by a punch.

Focus Mitts – Thick Leather

Features & benefits of Pacific Sports focus mitts

Pacific Sports offers only the highest quality of focus mitts having several outstanding features and benefits.

* Can be used for almost all forms of martial arts
* Used by beginners to experienced practitioners
* Versatile for any striking technique
* Lightweight yet absorbs impact effectively
* Gently curved design offers improved functionality
* The high-density filling provides excellent shock absorption
* Lightweight and well-made with reinforced stitching
* Good size that fits comfortably any adult hand
* Made to last in high-quality PU thick leather
* Easy to clean and hygienic
* Secure wide Velcro closure
* Comfortable finger slots and extra padding to protect holder’s hand
* Wrist wedge supports holder’s wrist comfortably
* Affordably priced

Focus Mitts – Micro – Pu


It is preferable that the training partner should also be a trained combat athlete, since wearing focus mitts is also as taxing as hitting them. The resistance offered by the training partner wearing the focus mitts, can significantly help to provide valuable feedback to the martial artist. The martial artist and the training partner holding the focus mitts may change roles, so that both can benefit from the training session.

To improve focus, training equipment like mitts or paddles or pads may be used. A focus mitt is generally used for practicing punches, while a focus paddle is generally used for practicing kicks, and a focus pad is generally used for practicing both punches and kicks. Nonetheless, a focus mitt or a focus paddle or a focus pad, may be used to practice punching, kicking, blocking, evading, dodging, weaving, deflecting, or any other martial art technique.

Focus Paddle – Double

Pacific Sports quality

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