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Choosing a Karate Jacket

A Karate dogi or keikogi or simply known as a gi, consists of a jacket (known as ‘uwagi’), pants (known as ‘zubon’) and a belt (known as ‘obi’). Generally, a belt is sold separately and does not come along with the gi. Sometimes, the jacket needs to be changed and thus, instead of buying a gi, only the jacket needs to be bought.

While buying a jacket, one must ensure that it allows enough room for the arms to move in all directions, and the waist to twist without any hindrances. The skirt of the jacket should hang well beneath the belt, so that it does become un-tucked from the belt when performing different movements. The skirt of the jacket has usually 4-5 rows of reinforced stitching and the side lapels feature 6-7 rows of reinforced stitching. The sleeve-cuffs can finish well before the wrists (Japanese style) or at the wrists (European style).

The jacket has two sides, left and right. In Japanese tradition, when a person dies, then close relatives make the corpse wear a jacket where the right side overlaps the left side. Thus, martial artists when they are alive, they wear the jacket where the left side overlaps the right side.

The fabric of the jacket is usually canvas, which is 100% cotton. However, a blend of polyester and cotton are also available. Cotton tends to shrink when washed, and thus, the fabric may be pre-shrunk or not pre-shrunk. In case of jackets which are not pre-shrunk, a shrinkage allowance is given, so that after washing the jacket fits comfortably. Shrinkage of the fabric also depends on how it is washed. It is recommended to wash the jacket by hand, in normal temperature water and dried outside in sunlight.

The weight of the jacket depends upon how the fabric is weaved and the weight is measured in oz. Generally, beginners prefer jackets weighing 8-10 oz, intermediate students prefer 12-14 oz, while advanced students prefer 16-18 oz. The most preferred colour of the jacket is white.

Pacific Sports Karate jackets

Pacific Sports offers a wide range of high-quality Karate jackets. The outstanding features and benefits of Pacific Sports Karate jackets are:

  • Used for Karate / Taekwondo / Jiu Jitsu
  • Fabric is Canvas, 100% cotton. Poly-cotton fabric is also available
  • Fabric weights are: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 oz
  • Jackets may be pre-shrunk or not pre-shrunk. If the jacket is not pre-shrunk then the jacket is made with a shrinkage allowance that allows for natural shrinkage.
  • Well-fitting jacket
  • Comfortable European cut
  • Reinforced stitching
  • White Colour
  • Easy washing and drying
  • Extremely long lasting and durable in rough training sessions
  • Available in different sizes. Please see the size chart for your size.

Pacific Sports quality

All products sold at Pacific Sports undergo rigorous testing. Numerous gyms and martial arts schools of Australia and the world, rely on the Pacific Sports quality for tough and long-lasting products, which includes uniforms, jackets, pants, belts, shoes, rash guards, compression wear, protective wear and training gear. Additionally, products offered on sale carry this same high quality but with drastically reduced prices. Moreover, if the monthly newsletter is subscribed, then an additional 10% discount is also offered.

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