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Pacific Sports Taekwondo Shoes

Martial art shoes provide several benefits and the top 4 reasons include hygiene, self-protection, sparring protection, and real self-defense situations.

Unique pivot point on sole

Unlike other martial art shoes, Taekwondo shoes feature a pivot point that is located on the ball of foot area on the sole. This unique feature enables pivoting on the leg for executing various types of kicks and also for performing various blocks and stances.

Outstanding features of Pacific Sports Taekwondo Shoes

Pacific Sports Taekwondo shoes have several exceptional features that provide several unique benefits.

—The upper is made of leather. Due to the leather, the shoes are long lasting. The leather also increases the overall look and can be easily polished. The upper is of white colour with black stripes on the sides, giving it an extremely sporty look.

—The sole is made of grooved synthetic rubber. Due to the synthetic rubber, it is light, flexible and durable. The grooves provide a firm grip, making it non-slip. The sole also features a unique pivot point to enable fast turning while performing different techniques. Moreover, the sole comes in two colours, black and white.

—Laces provide adjustable fitting. Due to the laced tying of the shoes, the shoes can be adjusted according to the height and width of the feet. This provides a comfortable and a snug fit.

—Added comfort. The shoes have padded foam edging inside the ankle area that adds to the comfort and prevents rubbing.

—Easy to clean. The upper leather can be easily cleaned by a dry cloth and thereafter can be polished to give a shiny look. The sole can be easily cleaned by a damp cloth. The laces can be removed and washed to make them nice and clean.

—Available in all sizes. The shoes come in European sizes from 38 to 48 sizes. Please check the size chart to find your size.

—Easy ordering. Pacific Sports Taewondo shoes can be ordered online and are home delivered.

—Reasonably priced. Shoes are reasonably priced, so that they are affordable.

—Discounts are available. Products on sale feature the same high quality but have drastically reduced prices. Additionally, if the newsletter is subscribed, then an additional 10% discount is offered.

—Can be used in other sporting activities. Pacific Sports Taekwondo shoes can be used in other sport related activity like walking, running, or even simply as a designer footwear that can be worn with jeans, trackpants, or shorts.

How to find your shoe size

To measure your shoe size, take a piece of A4 paper and place the short edge against a flat wall. Now stand on the piece of paper with your heel on the edge and against the wall. Take all your weight on that foot and mark the edge where your longest toe ends. Once this is done, simply measure in centimeters the top of your longest toe to the end of your heel with a ruler. Now check the centimeters with the following Taekwondo shoe size chart to find your shoe size.


Additional Tips

Just like purchasing normal walking shoes, you should take into consideration spacing for your socks if you wear them and any special shoe inserts that you may need.

A correctly fitted pair of martial art shoes should always feel a little tight to get on at first, particularly if they are leather, as it stretches. Once on the foot they should feel comfortable.

Make sure that there is at least an index finger width on either side of the shoe and your foot. You want a secure fit not a tight uncomfortable fit so it is important to ensure that they fit the widest part of your foot.

Another thing to consider is that often times one of your feet may be slightly bigger in size than the other. You should always select a size that fits the slightly bigger foot.

And finally, the shoe must not allow space for your foot to slip out during training. This will cause distractions when training. The shoe should have a comfortable and a snug fit.

Pacific Sports quality

All products sold at Pacific Sports undergo rigorous testing. Numerous gyms and martial arts schools of Australia and the world, rely on the Pacific Sports quality for tough and long-lasting products, which includes uniforms, jackets, pants, belts, shoes, rash guards, compression wear, protective wear and training gear. Additionally, products offered on sale carry this same high quality but with drastically reduced prices. Moreover, if the monthly newsletter is subscribed, then an additional 10% discount is also offered.

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