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Consumer satisfying attributes of a gi

8oz Poly/Cotton – White Karate Gi

A study by Perry, A. & Lee, J. (2017) has found that consumers were satisfied with their current gi because of its quality, fit and comfort. Whereas, while buying a new gi, they looked for functional and aesthetic attributes.

A gi should be of a high quality

Quality of the gi is a prime consideration. A high quality gi is durable, sewn well, fits perfectly and is available in your chosen colour, fabric, and size.

A gi should be durable

The fabric of a gi contributes a large part towards the durability of a gi. The fabric depends on the material like cotton, canvas, or a blend of polyester and cotton. The strength of the fabric depends on how the threads are weaved. The weaving determines the weight of the fabric that ranges from 8oz to 18oz.

Pacific Sports offers the highest quality of cotton, canvas and poly-cotton fabrics, which are weaved in different weaves like single weave, double weave, gold weave, pearl weave, and ripstop weave. Quality is checked at every stage due to which the gi is extremely durable and long lasting.

Normally, beginners prefer lightweight 8oz or 10oz gi, while intermediates go for medium weight 12oz or 14oz gi, and advanced practitioners wear heavy weight 16oz or 18oz gi.

A gi should be sewn well

The stitching of the gi should be of high quality so that while performing complex techniques, it does not tear, especially at pressure points areas. Pacific Sports gi have heavy-duty double stitching at the seams. A full gusset in the pants allows room for deep stretches and high kicks without pulling at the seams. Gi made for Jiu Jitsu or BJJ, feature extra stitching at the knees, to enhance durability of the fabric.

A gi should be pre-shrunk or shrinkage allowance given

Cotton and Canvas fabrics are made from 100% cotton threads. Canvas has a denser weave of the threads, which makes it heavier than a cotton fabric. Cotton threads have a tendency to shrink, hence both cotton and canvas fabrics shrink when washed. Pacific Sports gi is pre-shrunk so no shrinkage takes place. If it is not pre-shrunk, then a shrinkage allowance is already given while manufacturing the gi, so the gi fits even if it shrinks a little bit.

A gi should fit well

A well-fitting gi allows smooth execution of punches, kicks and stances. it does not hinder the attacking or defensive motions of the body. Pacific Sports gi has a fitting jacket, which is cut generously through the shoulders and chest to allow for a full range of movement. The pants have an elasticated waist along with a drawstring for tighter adjustments to enable a perfect fit. Moreover, the gi is available in different sizes, so you can easily find your perfect size.

A gi should be comfortable

An uncomfortable gi distracts the mind while practicing and hinders progress. Pacific Sports gi are extremely comfortable. They are hard-wearing and over time, they soften and improve with constant wear. Just after a few washings, they become so comfortable that they feel almost like a part of the body.

A gi should be functional

A quality gi is functional as it helps you to move freely, practice better and enhance your performance. Pacific Sports has specially designed gi for practicing ITF Taekwon-Do or WTF Taekwondo. It also has gi suitable for Karate or Jit Jitsu. Such specially designed gi improves functionality and helps in your progress.

Pacific Sports gi does not get frayed from the edges, does not get torn at high-pressure areas, and does not restrict full range of motion. It easily soaks up sweat, is a perfect fit and over time, it becomes super comfortable. Pacific Sports gi offers optimal functionality, so that you can practice better, improve more, and progress faster.

A gi can have aesthetic appeal

Traditionally, only a white gi is chosen by martial artists. However, nowadays even black and blue gi are much in demand.

For Jiu Jitsu and BJJ, a black gi with pink and red trim are also trending.

Accessories of a gi

A belt is a compulsory accessory for a gi. Pacific Sports offers coloured belts and black belts made of high-quality premium cotton.

While training, martial arts shoes are also an important accessory. Pacific Sports offers specially designed martial arts shoes that are suitable for all martial arts and especially for Taekwondo.

Pacific Sports quality

All products sold at Pacific Sports undergo rigorous testing. Numerous gyms and martial arts schools of Australia and the world, rely on the Pacific Sports quality for tough and long-lasting products, which includes uniforms, jackets, pants, belts, shoes, rash guards, compression wear, protective wear and training gear. Additionally, products offered on sale carry this same high quality but with drastically reduced prices. Moreover, if the monthly newsletter is subscribed, then an additional 10% discount is also offered.

Perry, A., Lee, J. (2017). Satisfaction with current martial arts’ uniforms and purchase intention of new uniforms. Fash Text 4, 1 .

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