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Pacific Sports Kickboxing Shorts

There are many types of shorts but kickboxing shorts are different. They cater to the individual needs of the sport. Pacific Sports kickboxing shorts are exclusively designed and manufactured for kickboxing.

Complete freedom of movement

These outstanding shorts offer a full range of motion, that enables complete freedom of movement. There is ample room for the thighs to move in all directions.

Strong material

Shorts are made from 100% polyester. Polyester is lightweight, yet extremely strong and these shorts can withstand the toughest training. They will last a very long time. Shorts are also made with polyester satin. Polyester makes the fabric tough, while stain gives it a shiny look and a soft feel.

Styled for kickboxing

Side splits and Lycra stretch flex panel are added for greater mobility when kicking. An inside pocket on left side is provided for keys, mouthguard, etc.

Perfect fit

The shorts come with an elasticated waistband that offers a secure and perfect fit. For more precise fit at the waist, an inner drawstring is also provided. There is also an improved Velcro closure for the most secure fit. They are extremely comfortable to wear.

Attractive colours and designs

Available in a variety of designs, Pacific Sports kickboxing shorts look attractive and professional. They are not only immensely functional but also have an aesthetic appeal.

Easy to wash and care

Shorts can be washed in normal or cold water. They are fast drying and tear-resistant. They can be light machine washed or hand washed.

Available in all sizes

Sizes available are S, M, L, XL. See size chart for your size.

Reasonable price with easy payment options

The price is reasonable and affordable. Payment can be made by PayPal or credit/debit cards.

Quality manufacturing

Each short is made to perfection and passes several quality checks. Stitching is reinforced so that it does not tear at pressure point areas. Colours are fast and will not fade. The shorts can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Pacific Sports quality

All products sold at Pacific Sports undergo rigorous testing. Numerous gyms and martial arts schools of Australia and the world, rely on the Pacific Sports quality for tough and long-lasting products, which includes uniforms, jackets, pants, belts, shoes, rash guards, compression wear, protective wear and training gear. Additionally, products offered on sale carry this same high quality but with drastically reduced prices. Moreover, if the monthly newsletter is subscribed, then an additional 10% discount is also offered.

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