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The importance of wearing a gi

In martial arts like Taekwondo, Karate, BJJ, and Judo, a uniform is known as a “gi”. The design of a gi has its roots from traditional Japanese attire and it consists of a jacket, pants and a belt. The importance of a gi lies in the fact that a gi is both functional and symbolic.

Functional importance of a gi

Over time, the functionality of a gi has been tested by martial artists and it is found to be useful for practicing martial movements.

—Pacific Sports gi provides unhindered movement. A martial artist has to practice punches, kicks, blocks, and stances, which all need to be executed smoothly and fast, without any hinderance from the attire. A gi provides enough room, so that the body can move without any hinderance. The jacket is loose enough to perform powerful punches or blocks; the pants are loose enough to perform all types of kicks, including lightening fast spinning kicks; and the belt is tight enough to keep the jacket in place during all these movements.

—Pacific Sports gi enables a full-range of motion. In order to execute complex movements like combinations of punches and kicks, the body needs to move with a full-range of motion, which a gi enables easily.

—Pacific Sports gi comes in different weights. The weight of the gi can be light, medium or heavy. The weight is due to the fabric, which is measured in ounces (oz). A gi weighing 8-10 oz is light in weight, 12-14 oz is medium in weight, while 16-18 oz is heavy in weight. usually, a light-weight gi is worn by beginners, a medium-weight gi is chosen by intermediates, while a heavy-weight gi is preferred by advanced practitioners.

—Pacific Sports gi has reinforced stitching. The collar and the edges of the jacket feature reinforced stitching, so that grabbing, rolling, or throwing can be accomplished without the gi tearing at pressure point areas. Similarly, the pants are gusseted and have elasticated waistband with an inner drawstring for a perfect fit.

—Pacific Sports gi is easy to wash. Every training session is intense and the gi absorbs a lot of sweat and dirt. Therefore, after every training session, the gi should be washed. Dedicated martial artists practice daily, and so they keep two or more gi, which enables them to wear one gi while the other is being washed. Washing can be done either by hand or by a washing machine.

—Pacific Sports gi lasts a long time. The fabric of the gi is made of cotton, canvas, or a blend of polyester and cotton. The fabrics have different weaves, come in varying weights, and all last an extremely long time.

Symbolic importance of a gi

A gi is a Japanese traditional attire and so it symbolically signifies Japanese culture; however, it also conveys several other symbolic meanings.

—Pacific Sports gi is a symbol of decision. When a beginner wears a gi for the very first time, it shows the decision to undertake the journey of martial arts. This decision helps the beginner to take subsequent other important decisions in life.

—Pacific Sports gi is a symbol of commitment. When a martial artist wears a gi, it demonstrates the commitment of the martial artist towards the philosophy and tenets of the martial art, be it Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, or BJJ. This commitment also reflects in other pursuits like education, commerce, science, and other careers that the martial artist may adopt in life.

—Pacific Sports gi is symbol of focus. When a practitioner wears a gi to practice martial arts in a martial arts school, it symbolises that the practitioner is focused on learning and improvement. Every second of the training session is utilized with dedication, determination, and focus. This focus also enables the practitioner to effectively concentrate on other matters of life.

—Pacific Sports gi is a symbol of respect. When a martial artist wears a gi, the martial artist learns to give respect to seniors and receive respect from juniors. Respect is a fundamental value in any martial art and complying with this value, enables the martial artist to also give and receive respect in all other activities of life.

—Pacific Sports gi is a symbol of unity. When a student wears a gi, it shows “belongingness” to a particular martial art school. The badge of the martial art school signifies the unity among all the students of that school. A sense of “We” instead of “I” is achieved, which helps in making the student a team player. This value of becoming a team player is also reflected in any career path chosen by the martial artist.

—Pacific Sports gi is a symbol of a way of life. When a martial artist wears a gi, it demonstrates an effective decision, an unwavering commitment, a dedicated focus, an all-encompassing mutual respect, and a very strong unity. All these together add up to symbolize that the practiced martial art is not just an art, but it is also a way of life.

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