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How to break in Taekwondo shoes

A new pair of shoes feels nice but getting blisters from shoe bites certainly does not feel nice. But new shoes do bite and therefore breaking in the shoes fast is required, so that wearing the shoes can be an enjoyable experience. Like all other shoes, Taekwondo shoes also need to be broken in.

Taekwondo Shoes – White, Leather, Sizes 34, 39, 40

Why do shoes need breaking in?

As with every human body part, no two part is exactly the same. The left side and the right side of the human body feature two eyebrows, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two hands, two legs, two feet, and more, all which although appearing to be the same, have nonetheless some minor differences. But, a pair of shoes are made exactly the same, so they need some time to adjust to the differences present in both feet. For this reason, the shoes need breaking in.

The time required to break in shoes

New shoes need some time to adjust to the shape of the feet. The time taken for the shoes to adjust to the feet, and also the feet to adjust to the shoes, depends on the material of the shoes, and the type of shoes. Generally, it may take anywhere from one to four weeks to break into a new pair of shoes.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with Black Sole

Few tips to break in Taekwondo shoes

Elite athletes generally use shoes which are specifically made to order, after separate measurements of each foot are taken by the shoe manufacturer. Such shoes provide exact fitting and do not need any breaking in. Custom made shoes are expensive and as elite athletes have sponsorships, so the sponsor usually pays for such shoes. But sponsorship is availed usually for specific tournaments only, and thus, for regular practice, even elite athletes need to break in their training shoes.

New shoes need to be broken in and few tips are given below:

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with White Sole

Tip 1. Use inserts, shoe cushions or plasters

Take note of the area or areas where the shoes might hurt. On those areas, add a bit of padding like applying plasters or using inserts/shoe cushions. Thereafter, start using the shoes in regular training sessions. This will certainly protect the feet, prevent blisters, and also easily break in the shoes. This is usually the recommended method, which is generally followed by sports persons.

Tip 2. Wear the shoes in the house for few days

By wearing shoes around in the house, the shoes will get some time to adjust to the feet. Take them off after some time, so that blisters are prevented, while the feet get used to the new shoes. Once the shoes feel comfortable, try out some kicks with them and see if they are still comfortable. Go on doing this for few days, until the shoes feel super comfortable in all types of kicks. Thereafter, the shoes can be worn for intense practice, without the feet suffering any blisters at all.

Tip 3. Wear socks to break in Taekwondo shoes

Combine Tip1, or Tip 2, or both, with wearing socks. The socks will occupy more space in the shoes, which will help the leather to stretch and mould to the shape of the feet. Try experimenting with thicker or thinner socks as per the fitting of the shoes.

Other ways to break in shoes

Essentially, the leather of the shoes need to soften, stretch, and mould itself to the shape of the feet. To do this, various other measures may be undertaken, which include putting the shoes in the sunlight, so that due to the heat of the sun rays, the leather might soften. However, overheating might make the leather stiff and likely to tear. Just like heating, even coldness may also be applied by freezing the shoes in a freezer bag or keeping the shoes inside the refrigerator. Heating or freezing might help to remove shoe odours, but care needs to be taken to avoid over-heating or over-freezing. Sometimes, perfumes, scents or deodorants are applied on the soles of the feet, or in the insides of the shoes, to soften the leather; however, this should be done with care, as the skin might have some allergic reactions. How far is heating or freezing or using perfumes is beneficial for breaking in shoes is debatable, and may be tried on experimental basis only, or may generally be avoided.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with White Sole

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Taekwondo Shoes – White, Leather, Sizes 34, 39, 40

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