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How to clean MMA gloves

Pacific Sports MMA gloves are exclusively designed for Mixed Martial Arts, so that punching and grappling moves can be powerfully executed. After an intense MMA workout, it is obvious that the gloves become dirty due to sweat, dust, and bacteria, which makes the gloves unhygienic, and they also smell bad. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the gloves, so that they remain bacteria-free and last a very long time. Pacific Sports MMA gloves are very easy to clean in few simple steps only.

Leather Gloves Black, Close thumb, Open half finger and palm

Step 1. Dry

When you wear the gloves and perform your moves, then the sweat from your hands gets transferred on the inside leather of the gloves. The sweat is food for the bacteria and they thrive on it. When the bacteria feeds on the sweat, it make the gloves stink. So, the gloves need to dry in the open air before you put them in the gym bag. If possible do not put the gloves in the gym bag at all, as there is no air flow in the gym bag. You may tie the gloves with the handle of the gym bag, so that you can carry them and they remain outside the gym bag. If you need to put them in the gym bag, then get them out as soon as you reach home, so that the gloves dry out in the air.

Step 2. Wipe

Wipe the gloves with a towel or cloth, so that excess moisture is absorbed by the towel. To wipe the inside of the glove, wrap a towel around your hand and put your hand inside the glove, while moving your hand around, so that maximum inside areas of the glove get cleaned from sweat. Repeat this same procedure with the other glove. After the insides of the gloves are cleaned, wipe the outside areas including the wrist strap.

Leather Gloves Black, Open thumb, half finger and palm

Step 3. Disinfect and sanitize

To disinfect and sanitize the gloves, use a general sanitizer that is available at medical stores. From the spray bottle of the sanitizer, give few spritzes on the inside and outside of the gloves. Use a sanitizer and not cleaning solutions, as harsh chemicals in the cleaning solutions may make the leather stiff or crack. After spraying the gloves with a list mist of the sanitizer, wipe them with a clean cloth or towel.

Step 4. Condition the leather

Leather tends to dry out. Therefore, a leather conditioner that is available in most sports or footwear shops can be used to soften the gloves. Take some conditioner on a soft cloth and apply it in circular motions. Thereafter, with a dry and fresh cloth, wipe the gloves clean.

Leather Gloves Red, Open thumb, half finger and palm

Step 5. Again dry

After the gloves are wiped clean of sweat, sanitized and conditioned, keep them out in the open air, so that they can dry up completely. Open the wrist straps and lay the gloves on a flat surface or hang them, wherever air is flowing freely like in a well-ventilated room. To speed up the drying process, few newspaper sheets may be crinkled and stuffed inside the gloves. Check the crinkled newspaper sheets after some time and if they need replacing then replace them with fresh ones. A blow dryer may be also used with cold setting to dry up the gloves faster with cold air. Try not to dry the gloves in the sun, as the leather of the gloves can become hard if it is left for a long time in the sun.

Step 6. Deodorize

To completely remove all odors, use any sports approved light deodorizer. Alternately, few drops of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oils may be mixed with water and sprayed on the gloves. Care should be taken that the essential oils like eucaplytus, lemongrass, orange, or peppermint should be approved for use in sporting equipments.

Gel Hand Wraps

Step 7. Use hand wraps

Sometimes gel hand wraps can be worn instead of gloves. Care should be taken that the hand wraps are cleaned after each training session in the same manner as gloves are cleaned. if the hand wraps are long strips of cotton wrapped around the palms, then they can be worn inside the gloves; however, they also should be washed and dried before using again.

Step 8. Always wash hands before and after wearing gloves

Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water removes dirt, dead skin cells, and also helps in keeping infections away. This simple routine of always washing your hands before and after wearing your gloves, will go a long way towards keeping your gloves germ-free, hygienic and smelling nice.

Leather Gloves Blue, Covered thumb, Open palm, Open half fingers

Pacific Sports MMA gloves

Numerous MMA artists around the world prefer to use Pacific Sports MMA gloves due to its exceptional features and benefits.

  • The gloves are designed exclusively for MMA.
  • The MMA gloves are available in both closed thumb (usually for sparring) and open thumb (usually for grappling).
  • The gloves are open-fingered to enable MMA techniques of grappling and submission, while the top of the glove is firmly padded to enable powerful punches without any injury to the knuckles.
  • The wrist is protected by a wide wrist band that is adjustable and it can be closed either by a Velcro strap or laces for a secure and perfect fit.
  • The palms are open to increase ventilation and keep the hands dry.
  • Made from high quality premium leather, Pacific Sports gloves softens and stretches with wear, which makes them super comfortable and very long lasting.
  • The gloves are available in red, black, and blue colours. Please check the available color on the product page.
  • Pacific Sports MMA gloves are extremely affordable.

Pacific Sports quality

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