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How to hold a kicking shield or a multipurpose pad

A kicking shield is a padded piece of training equipment and so it is also known as a kicking pad. Again, besides practicing kicks, it can also be used to practice punches, knee and elbow strikes, and thus, it is also known as a multipurpose pad.

Multipurpose Pads – Black & White

Guidelines for holding the multipurpose pad

While holding the multipurpose pad, the partner should not get hurt from the power of your kicks and punches. For this reason, the following general guidelines may be followed:

—Proper stance. The holder should take an appropriate stance, like an L-stance or a walking stance, so that more stability is gained.

—Hold near the body. The multipurpose pad should be held as near the body as possible. The less gap there is between the multipurpose pad and the holder’s body, the more stable will the pad remain and the less force will be felt by the holder.

—For low or mid frontal/ side strikes. If you are practicing front snap kicks or straight punches to the mid-section, then the multipurpose pad can be held against the chest of the holder. One hand can grip the top while the other hand can grip the bottom of the multipurpose pad. For low strikes, the top handle can be held for a secure grip. For side strikes, the handles on the back including the top handle can be held. The partner should determine the correct angle of holding, so that almost all the force is absorbed by the multipurpose pad. For high strikes, using a paddle would be a better option.

Multipurpose Pad Shield – Red Colour, Top Handle

Benefits of a multipurpose pad

There are innumerable benefits of using a multipurpose pad like:

—improved accuracy and power
—increased confidence
—development of strength and endurance
—improved coordination and balance
—increased flexibility, speed and agility
—development of mental focus
—improved execution of technique

The major benefits are:

—a safe training equipment. You can go all out and hit the multipurpose pad with full force. Your forceful kicks and punches will not hurt the holder of the multipurpose pad, and this makes it a very safe training equipment.

—hit stationary and moving targets. A kicking shield/ kicking pad/ multipurpose pad is held by a partner while you can deliver kicks and punches to it. The partner can keep it stationary at a fixed height to improve your punches and kicks. The partner can also keep it stationary at different heights, so low or medium height punches or kicks can also be practiced. Again, the partner can move around with it, so that you can also practice hitting moving targets.

—both partners can practice. The partner holding the multipurpose pad can feel the force of your kicks and punches. This enables the partner to correctly guide you which of your strikes has less force and accordingly, tell you to improve those strikes. Again, both partners can take turns to hold the multipurpose pad, so that both can train their powerful kicks and punches.

Multipurpose Pads – Curved

What to look for in a multipurpose pad

—Thick padding. Choose a multipurpose pad that has a thick padding, so that most of the force is absorbed buy the dense padding. Pacific Sports multipurpose pads have 3 layers of high-impact, high-density shock-absorbing padding in the inside, so that all the force is absorbed by the multi-layered padding. The inside padding is covered by a tough hard-wearing synthetic leather on the outside, so that it does not tear upon impact. This most functional combination makes Pacific Sports multipurpose pads extremely durable and they last a very long time.

—Straight or curved multipurpose pad. Multipurpose pads come in flat or curved surfaces. Both are equally good for striking lighting fast kicks and punches. Pacific Sports curved multipurpose pad provides an ergonomic design that helps the holder to hold the pad against the body in a firm way. While the Pacific Sports straight multipurpose pad provides a wide surface striking area that enables to strike the pad from various angles.

—Firm handles and straps. The holder needs to hold the multipurpose pad by gripping it firmly at the handles or straps. Pacific Sports multipurpose pads provides strong handles and straps. On the back of the pads there are two firm Velcro hook and loop straps for the wrist and the forearm. Additionally, a solid riveted top handle is also provided for a more secure grip. Extra padding is provided for the holder’s forearm. Even during intense training session, the multipurpose pad will not slide or shift from the holder’s hands.

—Lightweight. The pads need to be light in weight so that the holder can easily hold and carry it while stationary or moving. Pacific Sports multipurpose pads are about 900g each, making them light to hold and easy to move around. Although light in weight, yet it absorbs impact effectively and is very tough.

—Easy to maintain. All training equipment should be regularly cleaned so that no bacteria, fungus, or virus can grow on it. If the pads are difficult to clean and maintain, then more time will be spent on cleaning it, which will give less time for intense practice. Pacific Sports multipurpose pads are super easy to clean and maintain. They can be easily cleaned by simply wiping it with a moist cloth or with any cleaner, so that the pads are ready, clean and hygienic for the next training session.

—Price. Pacific Sports multipurpose pads are reasonably priced so that every practitioner, anywhere in the world, can afford them and pursue intense martial arts training.

Multipurpose Pads – Curved

Pacific Sports multipurpose pads

Pacific Sports multipurpose pads, both straight pads and curved pads, provide a real feeling of striking with full force and are thus ideal for contact training. You can feel the power in your strikes while improving the angles of the strikes. The holder can practice different stances when holding the pad.

Pacific Sports multipurpose pads are used for a variety of kicks like roundhouse kicks, spinning and turning kicks, low/medium kicks, side kicks, front kicks, back kicks, axe kicks, hook kicks, and combinations of kicks and punches.

Pacific Sports multipurpose pads are extensively used in Taekwondo, Karate, MMA, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, and many other martial arts. In Muay Thai, the multipurpose pads are also used to practice elbow and knee strikes. These pads are ideally used by martial artists to practice contact training before undergoing sparring practice.

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