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How to hold focus mitts

Round focus pads for martial arts

Training with focus mitts is not just about throwing punches and hitting the mitts. If the mitts are incorrectly held, then upon impact, the wrist or the hands of the puncher or the mitt-holder may get hurt. The following points should be considered while holding focus mitts.

Back view of leather focus mitts
Back view of Pacific Sports leather focus mitts

Correctly align the focus mitts

Correct alignment of the focus mitts is important for effective mitts training. For correct alignment the mitt-holder should know the type of punch, and accordingly align the mitt in the path and the trajectory of the punch.

Focus mitts for martial art training
Hard-wearing leather focus mitts

1. Know the type of the punch

There are different kinds of punches, like a jab, a straight, a diagonal, a hook or an uppercut. The mitt-holder should recognize the type of the punch and accordingly align the mitts.

Round focus pads for martial art training
Pair of round focus pads

2. Align with the path of the punch

Knowing the type of the punch leads to knowing the path of the punch. The path is the line in which the punch travels. The path may be a horizontal line, a vertical line, or a diagonal line. A punch may travel these lines in a straight fashion, a curved fashion, a descending fashion or an ascending fashion. The mitt-holder should align the mitts in line with the path of the punch.

Pair of round focus pads suitable for class and personal training

3. Align with the trajectory of the punch

Knowing the type of the punch, and the path of the punch leads to knowing the trajectory of the punch. The trajectory is the height, angle, and speed with which the punch travels on its path. The mitt-holder should position the mitts in line with the trajectory of the punch.

Back of round focus pads
Easy to hold handle and velcro strap on ripstop focus pads

Hold the mitts securely and firmly

The mitts-holder should hold the mitts firmly so that the impact of the punch is easily absorbed by the mitts. A high-quality mitts is adquately padded, which can absorb the force of the punch and not cause strain on the mitt-holder’s hands or wrists.

Resist the force of the punches

The mitt-holder should resist the force of the punches. Effective resistance can be provided if the mitts are correctly aligned and held securely. By resisting the force of the punch, a mitt-holder can judge the power and technique of the punch and accordingly provide invaluable feedback. The resistance can be created by the mitt-holder by moving the hand slightly forward, so that the mitt can meet the punch head on. Upon impact, the puncher can feel the resistance and with the feedback received by the mitt-holder, the puncher can improve the technique of the punches.

Focus Mitts Red Spot – Thick PU Leather

Practice both attack and defense

It is not necessary that a mitt-holder will always defend by receiving a punch. A mitt-holder can also attack with the hand holding the mitt. Since each hand holds a mitt, therefore the mitt-holder can attack by any hand. In this manner, both the puncher wearing gloves and the mitt-holder holding mitts can perform defensive and attacking moves. This stimulates an actual sparring session and helps the puncher to improve footwork, agility, speed, timing, power, and techniques of the various punches.

Assume stances in mitt practice

The puncher as well as the mitt-holder can assume different stances while practicing. An attacking stance provides power in the punch, and a defensive stance provides a suitable resistance to it. So, if the puncher assumes an attacking stance, then the mitt-holder can assume a defensive stance. Stances are so designed that balance of the body is always maintained, so practicing stances would ensure that the body is balanced while attacking or defending.

Focus Pads – Square PU

Incorporate static and moving drills

The mitt-holder can provide both static and moving mitt drills. With static drills the technique can be perfected, while with moving drills, different types of footwork, rolling, slipping, parrying, and other attacking and defensive techniques may be practiced

Pacific Sports High-Quality Focus Mitts

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Focus Mitts – Micro – Pu

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