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Taekwondo Paddle Drills

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Focus Paddle – Single Heavy Duty

Taekwondo paddle drills improve the performance of any Taekwondo practitioner. The paddle is held by a training partner, who may hold it stationary or may move it around. The drills are usually designed by the instructor according to the progress of the student; however, few popular drills are given below.

—Three height drill. A front snap kick is delivered at the groin, solar plexus, and the jaw, without putting the foot down. A holder can hold the paddle at the low, mid, and high heights as the kick proceeds.

—Distance drill. The paddle is held at a distance and the practitioner has to correctly estimate the distance required to strike it. According to the estimation, a side piercing kick, a turning kick, or a flying kick may be practised.

—Alternate leg drill. The practitioner has to kick the paddle with one leg and then with another leg in an alternating fashion, so that both legs are practiced.

—Combo drill. Any combination can be pre-determined, and the practitioner kicks the paddle according to the combination. For example, a combination may be a right leg axe kick, followed by a left leg front kick, followed by a right leg side kick, followed by a left leg back kick, followed by a right leg turning kick.

—Speed drill. In a given amount of time, a specific number of kicks have to be performed. The practitioner can select a single kick executed repeatedly or a combination of different kicks.

—Circle drill. Students hold paddles in a circle. One student performs circular turning kicks and kicks all the paddles, without hopping or jumping.

—Move in strike and move out drill. In this drill, every kick has to be different. Difference may be in terms of kick type, height, direction, speed, or power. The practitioner moves in and strikes the paddle, and then quickly moves out. Then again moves in, kicks and moves out. This goes on repeating with several variations, as no kick is the same.

—One leg drill. The practitioner kicks the paddle in combination kicks while standing on one foot only. For example, the knee is raised, and a front snap kick is performed. the leg is brought back but it is not put down, instead the hips are turned and with that same leg, a side piercing kick is performed. Other kicking combinations can also be practiced while standing on one leg only.

—Spinning hook kick drill. The practitioner can execute a spinning hook kick to hit the paddle. With progress the height of the paddles can be changed. Again, multiple spins can also be incorporated.

—Fixed changing drill. The holder changes the position of the paddle at different heights and directions, in a fixed manner.

—Random changing drill. The holder changes the position of the paddle at different heights and directions, in a random manner.

—Sparring drill. The holder holds two paddles, one in each hand, and attacks or defends with them, as if sparring with the practitioner. The practitioner has to hit the paddles with different types of kicks as per the situation.

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Focus Paddle – Double

Outstanding features of Pacific Sports paddles

In all the above drills, if the paddle is not of a high quality, then the progress will be hampered. Pacific Sports offers outstanding single and double paddles, that are used by Taekwondo schools all over the world.

  • Paddles available in single or double
  • Best paddles for training
  • Extremely long lasting with high-quality PU
  • The high-density filling provides excellent shock absorption
  • Perfect for spinning heel kicks as the paddle can be held away from the holder’s body
  • Made with a firm centre that allows the kicker to feel the impact of the kick
  • Excellent for students practicing board breaking skills
  • Lightweight and well-made with reinforced stitching
  • Good size
  • Target area approximately 22 x 22cms
  • High quality
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to keep clean and hygienic

Pacific Sports quality

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