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Pacific Sports high-quality shin-ankle-instep guards

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Shin – Ankle – Instep Guard (Pull-on Pads)

The shin bone is in the front of the leg, and it is vulnerable in all martial arts. During kicks, the ankle and the instep may also get hurt. Therefore, protecting the shin, ankle, and the instep is important for a martial artist. Protection leads to no or fewer injuries that enables the martial artist to lessen time spent in recuperating. Pacific Sports offers guards that protect the shin, ankle and the instep. Pacific Sports high-quality shin-ankle-instep guards offer excellent protection, so that the martial artist can without any worry pursue Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, or any other combat sport.

Outstanding Benefits of Pacific Sports shin-ankle-instep guards

—Suitable for heavy and light contact training. Suitable for all levels of training.
—Light contact training (pull-on guard). The guard with cotton fabric is made for light-contact training. Cotton fabric absorbs sweat immediately. These pull-on pads have high-quality elasticated pull-on cotton material.
—Heavy contact training (high-density guard). The guard with neoprene fabric is made for heavy-contact training. Neoprene fabric is strong, and it can also easily wick away sweat.
—Optimum protection. The guards provide superb protection, which prevents injuries. No or less injury means more time for dedicated and intensive practice.
—Reasonably priced. The price is reasonable and very affordable.
—Available online. Simply order online and the guards will be delivered at your doorstep. Delivery is all over the world.
—Sale price and Discount offered. A sale is offered with less price but the same high-quality. Moreover, if you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, then you also get a 10% discount!

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Shin – Ankle – Instep Guard (High-Density)

Superb features of Pacific Sports shin-ankle-instep guards

—Easy to wear. Simply pull it over the shin. Shin guards with ankle and instep protection have adjustable straps for a secure fit.
—Innovative design. The shin-ankle-instep guards feature a unique and an innovative design that offers complete protection and is also light in weight. The guards provide optimum resilience for intensive training, excellent sweat absorption, and superior protection for the shin, ankle and the instep.
—Shock-absorbing high-density filling. The guards are filled with high-density foam, which can absorb high shocks from powerful strikes and blocks.
—Increased airflow. The innovative design features mesh sides, so that airflow is maintained, and the skin can breathe easily.
—Comfortable fit. The non-slip innovative design enables the guards to wrap around the shape of the leg, so that it provides a snug fit and is extremely comfortable to wear.
—Secure straps at back. High-quality elastic straps are provided on the back, which holds the guard securely in place. The guard does not slip or dislodge while the leg is delivering various types of kicks.
—Reinforced stitching. The stitching is reinforced, so that the fabric does not tear from high pressure point areas.
—Available in various sizes. The guards are available in sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large. Check out the product pages for available sizes.
—Easy to care. The guards can be hand-washed or machine-washed, making them very easy to care.

Pacific Sports quality

All products sold at Pacific Sports undergo rigorous testing. Numerous gyms and martial arts schools of Australia and the world, rely on the Pacific Sports quality for tough and long-lasting products, which includes uniforms, jackets, pants, belts, shoes, rash guards, compression wear, protective wear and training gear. Additionally, products offered on sale carry this same high quality but with drastically reduced prices. Moreover, if the monthly newsletter is subscribed, then an additional 10% discount is also offered.

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