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What to look for in kicking shields?

Kicking shields also known as kicking pads or multipurpose pads, are a must to improve strikes, as they help to develop speed, power, and technique. There are many benefits of a kicking shield like they can be used not only for kicks, but also for punches, knee and elbow strikes. They also provide an opportunity to know how it feels to hit a real target. But there are many kicking shields in the market and before buying one, you should know what to look for in kicking shields so that you can take your striking prowess to the next level.

Multipurpose Pads – Black & White


The thickness of the shield absorbs the force of your kick. The kicking shield is held by a partner, so if the padding is less, which means that the thickness is less, then the partner’s arm will feel more force from your kicks, which may bruise the arm. The partner should feel the least force and thus the recommended thickness is 11 cms. With a kicking shield having about 11 cms of padding, both you and your partner will have an intense workout without either of you being bruised or hurt.

Height and Width

If the kicking shield has a smaller height or width, then the partner may get accidentally hurt. The height and the width should be such that all types of kicks can be easily practiced. The recommended height of a kicking shield is 56 cms and the recommended width is 40 cms. This recommended height and width provides a large surface striking area.


If the kicking shield is heavy in weight, then it will become extremely difficult for your partner to move around with it. It has to be light in weight so that easy movement is possible, yet tough enough to absorb forceful impacts of kicks, punches, knees and elbow strikes.


The partner needs to hold the kicking shield by its handles; therefore, the handles have to provide a firm and secure grip. There are handles on the back and on the top. Three handles on the back provide a secure grip, while one handle on the top, which is usually riveted, provides a firm grip.

Multipurpose Pad Shield – Red Colour, Top Handle

Straight or Curved

The surface of the kicking shield may be straight or curved. Both are equally effective for practising different types of kicks; however, the curved pad provides an ergonomic design that helps the holder to hold the pad against the body. Irrespective of whether it is curved or straight, both types of kicking shields are suitable for training.


The kicking shield should be able to endure several kicks. A high-quality kicking shield like Pacific Sports kicking shield can withstand thousands and thousands of powerful kicks. It has three layers of high-impact, high-density shock-absorbing padding in the inside, and tough hard-wearing synthetic leather on the outside. This most functional combination makes them extremely durable and they last a very long time.

Easy Maintenance

All training equipment, including kicking shields, needs to be cleaned and kept hygienic, after every training session. If they are left uncleaned, then bacteria and fungus may set in, which may infect you or your training partner. Therefore, keeping kicking shields well-cleaned is necessary. High-quality kicking shields from Pacific Sports are very easy to clean and maintain. They can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a moist cloth or with any cleaner, so that they are ready, clean and hygienic for the next training session.


The price should not be very expensive that it burns your pocket, and it should not be so low that it offers a cheap and useless kicking shield. Pacific Sports kicking shields, also known as multipurpose pads, are reasonably priced so that every practitioner, anywhere in the world, can afford them and pursue intense martial arts training.

Outstanding features of Pacific Sports kicking shields

  • High-quality kicking shields, also known as Multipurpose Pads
  • Besides kicks, they can also be used for punches, knee and elbow strikes
  • Suitable for martial arts contact training
  • For beginners to experienced practitioners
  • Comfortable size: 56cms x 40cms x 11cms
  • Provides large surface striking area
  • Thick with three layers of firm padding and a high density filling
  • Good shock absorption to protect the holder
  • Easy to hold securely with three good handles on the back
  • One riveted handle at the top providing a solid grip for the holder
  • Lightweight yet absorbs impact effectively
  • Easy to move around
  • Available in attractive colours
  • Reasonably priced

Pacific Sports quality

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