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Practice barefoot or wear Taekwondo shoes?

Taekwondo is traditionally practiced barefoot then why wear Taekwondo shoes? There are many reasons suggesting that you should wear Taekwondo shoes. All the following are reasons as to why you should wear Taekwondo shoes for your Taekwondo training. However, try to practice both barefoot and with shoes, so that you are comfortable in either situation.


Barefoot practice provides a strong grasp of balance, stances, and smooth pivoting while executing various types of kicks. But sometimes, while striking the foot hurts and this may lead to an injury, which may put you out of practice for days or weeks. Shoes protect your feet from impacts, both minor and major. They also prevent blisters and mat burns. Therefore, protection is the prime reason why you should wear shoes.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with White Sole


As the sole is made of rubber, they provide a strong non-slip grip. Moreover, there are concentric circles that make pivoting very smooth. All types of kicks, especially spinning kicks can be performed very fast. With the flexible soles, lightning-fast kicks can be taken within a split second, and with the firm grip of the sole, positioning the body in strategic stances is a breeze.

Ankle support

All shoes do not provide ankle support, but Pacific Sports Taekwondo shoes offer excellent ankle support and enhanced protection. The ankle area has inside foam padding to provide extra comfort and it also prevent rubbing.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with Black Sole


If the floor or the mats in the training hall are not cleaned after every session, then they become breeding grounds for bacteria and invite diseases. However, with Taekwondo shoes, the feet are protected, and fungal infections are eliminated. When practicing outdoors, it is common to have cuts and bruises, which bleed and may become infectious. But if you wear shoes then you are sure that your feet will always remain hygienic and healthy.

Competition practice

Some competitions require you to wear shoes or some shoe-like foot protector. If you practice barefoot, then you may feel a bit uncomfortable while wearing shoes in the competition.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with White Sole


The upper is made of leather or synthetic leather and the lower is made of rubber. This makes the shoe very light in weight, so that it feels as it is a part of the feet.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with Black Sole


Leather has the natural quality of fine pores, which makes it breathable, so that excessive sweating is prevented.

Taekwondo Shoes – White, Leather, Sizes 34, 39, 40

Secure closure

Shoes may have laces or Velcro straps which close the shoe upper. Laces are preferred as then you can make it tight or loose as you want it. With laces tied, you can be sure that the shoes won’t fly off the feet, when you execute your superb multiple spinning kicks.

Taekwondo Shoes – Leather with Black Sole

Easy to maintain

Simply leave them open for few hours so that air can pass and dry out any sweat. When the shoes are aired out, they remain fresh without any smell. Check regularly for any wear and tear, so that you can buy another pair before the shoes become entirely unusable.


Leather lasts a long time and a good quality shoe will certainly last dozens and dozens of intensive training sessions.

Pacific Sports high-quality Taekwondo shoes

  • Taekwondo leather shoes
  • Made in soft, hard wearing, long-lasting high-quality leather
  • Manufactured for competition training
  • Lightweight and flexible with good shock absorption
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Snug fit with a lace tie to stay securely in place
  • Ankle area has inside foam padding to provide extra comfort and prevent rubbing
  • White or Black sole
  • Pivot point located on ball of foot area on sole
  • Reliable and safe non-slip sole provides good grip and fast pivot action
  • Both upper and sole are extremely flexible
  • Good-looking stylish design in white or black
  • Shoes stitched with two black stripes at the sides
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sizes Available: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48
  • Length in centimeters is measured on outside of sole
  • Check the measurements on the size chart to find your size

Pacific Sports quality

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