16oz Canvas (Not pre-shrunk) – White Gi



* Consists of jacket and pants (no belt)
* For Karate/ Taekwondo/ Jiu-Jitsu
* Hard-wearing, 100% cotton canvas for comfort
* This is a heavy uniform, better suited to experienced practitioners than beginners
* Made to last with heavy-duty double stitching at the seams
* Excellent quality at a sensible price
* Comfortable fit, jacket is cut generously through the shoulders and chest to allow for a full range of movement
* Full gusset in the pants allows room for deep stretches and high kicks without pulling at the seams
* Elasticated waist in the pants means they fit comfortably and with a narrow internal drawstring that can be adjusted to fit your waist size for a secure fit.

* The fabric used to make up this gi was as measured by the linear yard and not by the square yard as is usual, so it feels about 1oz less than the labelled weight.
* This uniform is NOT pre-shrunk. It has been made with a shrinkage allowance to allow for natural shrinkage when washed. When trying on before washing it should feel about 1 size too large. It will shrink in the washing process to be a comfortable fit when dry. Wash in cold water and dry in the open air.

* Price is in Australian Dollars (AUD$)
* FREE Shipping anywhere in Australia on total order value greater than AUD $100
* Price is same for all sizes
* Sizes Available: 4/170, 7/200. See the size chart for your size

* Size: 4/170
– Price: AUD $80.00
– Product Code: USGI15-4/170

* Size: 7/200
– Price: AUD $80.00
– Product Code: USGI15-7/200

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 31 × 4 cm

4/170, 7/200


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