Taekwondo Shoes – White, Leather, Sizes 34, 39, 40



* Taekwondo Shoes, made with a good quality soft white leather upper for excellent flexibility.
* Shoes stitched with two black stripes at the sides.
* Reliable and safe non-slip sole provides good grip and fast pivot action.
* Easy to slip on and off, they fasten with a single lace tie to stay securely in place.
* Padded foam edging inside the ankle area adds to the comfort and prevents rubbing.

* Price is in Australian Dollars (AUD$)
* FREE Shipping anywhere in Australia on total order value greater than AUD $100
* Sizes Available: 34, 39, 40
* Check the measurements on the size chart to confirm you’re choosing the correct size.
* Length in centimeters is measured on outside of sole.

* Price is same for all sizes
* Children Sizes Available: Euro Size 34 (21cms) only
* Adult Sizes Available: Euro Size 39 (24cms) and Euro Size 40 (24.5cms) only

* Size: Euro Size 34 (21cms)
– Price: AUD $46.00
– Product Code: HQTKS-34

* Size: Euro Size 39 (24cms)
– Price: AUD $46.00
– Product Code: HQTKS-39

* Size: Euro Size 40 (24.5cms)
– Price: AUD $46.00
– Product Code: HQTKS-40

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 38 × 14 × 10 cm

34 (21cms), 39 (24cms), 40 (24.5cms)


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